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Brianne Parson
Senior - Campbellsville, KY - Music Ministry
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Monday, July 27, 2009

Liberty Baptist Tabernacle

Rapid City, SD
Pastor Wayne Williams

We were especially privileged to be in the Sunday night service of Liberty Baptist Tabernacle. This warm and loving church is the home of Mr. Bob Dustman, Sr. and his son Jack and family. We were able to stay with "Grandpa" Dustman on the ranch, as Bri's group did last year and we enjoyed it immensely. We were only sad we could not stay longer. After enjoying a wonderful weekend around Rapid City and the Dustman ranch (we went to see Mt. Rushmore on Saturday), we had a great service in Liberty on Sunday night. We know just from being there one service that the spirit of the Lord is working in this church and we thank God for Pastor Williams and his wife and their faithful service in this church for thirty years. After the service, we enjoyed a lovely meal with the Williams' and the Dustmans and we are so thankful for all the kindness and hospitality shown to us in Rapid City. May God continue to bless this growing church.

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  1. Great to see and hear about the services in SD.
    Makes us miss home. Hope you took some pictures at the ranch. Hear they have had a great year this year with lots of rain. Dad was so pleased to have you, he said it was lonely after you all left. His birthday is today 91 yrs old AMAZING